Cost Deatils for GRR Running Club

Train with GRR running club this summer for FATIGUE TRAINING

Date: Monday, 06 May ~ Sunday, 16 June

Duration: 6 Weeks

The basis for all training is the workout and recovery process, and if fatigue from one workout accumulates and transfers to the next run then you’re always starting a workout or a long run a little tired from your previous training, thus called “accumulated fatigue”. This “accumulated fatigue” can be implemented to our training and will help to improve running efficiency and also your body will learn to recover faster, making one a faster and stronger runner.

Just ensure to keep your easy runs slow as one of the most common mistakes runners make is running their easy day mileage too fast. All runs should be at an easy pace, which means one is able to hold a conversation during the entire run. Also, remember easy pace is relative, one who runs a 10k in 45 mins probably would settle at a 5:45 easy pace, while the other who runs a 10k in 70 min would settle at a 8:15 easy pace, so just go as per your own comfort and pace.

The Six weeks training will kick start on Monday, 06 May and culminate on Sunday, 16 June.

The runners can select any one option from the below mentioned format-

  • Run: 7K x 7d (50k in a week) - 10 Jun ~ 16 Jun
  • Run: 10K x 7d (75k in a week) - 10 Jun ~ 16 Jun
  • Run: 15K x 7d (111k in a week) - 10 Jun ~ 16 Jun
  • Run: 23K x 7d (100 miles – 161k in a week) - 10 Jun ~ 16 Jun

On successfully completing Fatigue Training you will be facilitated with a Dry Fit Tee, Medal & E-Certificate.

Training Program

GRR running club has years of experience and expertise in training beginners to beasts for road running and races in different types of terrains and climatic conditions.

Let’s get READY for an ultimate test of your mental and physical endurance, determination and indomitable will.

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Cost Deatils for GRR Running Club