Weight Loss & Body Fat Optimization With 360° Fitness & Running

Are you solving the right problem? Rice & Roti or Overeating Rice & Roti?

Eating a healthy diet ensures that one is getting all the nutrients their body needs to produce energy and create new muscle tissue. Also, very important is that proper nutrition can also help repair damage from training as well as everyday wear and tear, and keeps the body’s muscles, bones, joints, tendons and organs functioning. We need to work on a sustainable solution and not on any FAD diets, they are not sustainable and healthy. Focus and vision is sustainability for years and not short term gains, which is never sustainable and healthy.

What we need to watch and cut are calories and not carbs and fats, in case weight loss is our target.

Thus, quantified calories are the MAGIC here, which means measuring your calories. Those who are working on weight loss need to create a calorie deficit -which means eat lesser calories than you burn throughout the day, believe me, the scale will show results.

At GRR we keep it very simple and it is very simple. We will work on your body fat optimization and weight loss along with 360 deg fitness, rest and recovery and mentoring and coaching.

Further, discipline is the KEY and plays the most important role. Can’t be one week all out and then next week go berserk.

More as we move along.
Founder GRR

Weight Loss & Body Fat Optimisation With 360° Fitness & Running