Siddarth Choudhary

Ultra Endurance Athlete

Siddarth Choudhary is the founder and Chief mentor of GRR (Gurgaon Road Runners), largest fitness community in NCR with over 10,000+ members in it. Sidd (as he is fondly called) is an ultra endurance athlete who ran 1480 km at the Great India Run 2016, running from Delhi to Mumbai in 19 days. He also did a 7 day cycling expedition of 540 Kms from Manali to Khardung La. After nearly 2 decades on high seas and 7 years in the corporate world, this master mariner, being very passionate about running, has been training corporate groups to take conscious steps towards a healthy lifestyle. Siddarth, whilst helming the running revolution called GRR, has helped 1000 + people take injury free conscious steps towards a healthy and holistic lifestyle.

His mentoring and doable plans have opened up the life-changing experience of finishing a distance event to almost everyone. Siddarth is in front of an audience motivating and helping those of all abilities to enjoy and find a new self with road running! Through GRR he also sees opportunity to help non-runners enjoy the benefits of running. He has received many awards like ‘The Quickie Marathoner’ and ‘The Marathoner of the year 2016’ in his age category. Passionate about changing lives, he has cycled 230 Km in one go from Gurgaon to Jaipur spreading the message of cleaning the environment through fitness. He is a certified marathon trainer (American School of Sports certification) and provides corporate and personal marathon trainings. He is the race director and founder of Juniorun, India’s largest multi-city running event for children that has been successful in NCR and Jaipur.

Nothing fancy, just Road Running!

Feathers in his cap

  • One of the few elite runners to have ran The Great India Run, 1480km, from Delhi to Mumbai in 19days.
  • Fastest Pacer in India- Half Marathon sub 1:40(99mins).
  • 7 day cycling expedition of 540 Kms from Manali to Khardung La.
  • Ultra Cycling of 230km non stop from Gurgaon to Jaipur.
  • Competitive running track record consists of 7 Full marathons.
  • Personal best being 3:27 in Jan 2016 Standard chartered Mumbai marathon
  • Journey of 10 half marathons Personal best being 1:28 Nov 2015 Airtel Delhi Half Marathon .
  • Siddarth won the first Position in 2013 and Third Position in 2014 at the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon ( DHL Corporate Category ).

The Influencer

The Influencer Siddarth says “Bigger House ! Bigger Car ! Expensive Dress! We compare everything thing but health. Every morning we look at the Gold Index, we look at Property Index and we also look at Stock market Index…. But what about BMI …Body Mass Index ?" He believes If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse as no one is that busy in this world, it’s all about priorities. With a vision and belief “be the change you want to see” and making people aware of taking decisions towards a healthy and fulfilling life,he is hell bent on changing Lives through running!